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Mountain Vlasic is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to it's location, it is known for being a very tame mountain thoughout the year.

At 1250 meters above sea level sports and recreation center Babanovac is located , a modern tourist resort which is still under construction and has big potential for improving and it offers events 365 days a year.

On Babanovac, there's around thousand objects from classic , residential homes , second homes and apartments to five-star hotels . There are ski tracks and the total length of about 10 kilometers , and two ski-lines: Babanovac I and II, and Markovac . Apart from them , in the winter months , guests are offered two smaller and easier ski tracks provided by Hotel Sunce and Eco FIS Vlasic

You can visit Babanovac by going from several directions . The most commonly used is the one that leads from the direction of the small town Turbe and it is separated from the main road M - 5 ( Jajce - Donji Vakuf -Turbe - Travnik - Vitez ) over the village Gostilj . The length is 22 kilometers and is maintained throughout the year . During summer, you can use the road Banja Luka - Knezevo ( Skender Vakuf ) Vitovlje Babanovac , and in winter the use of this road section is not recommended because of is't possible shutdown due to snowfall . Also during the summer time Babanovac can be reached from the small town of Kalibunar with the so called "old road" with the length of 22 kilometers, which folds over Galica and leads to the destination .

As already stated , the mountain Vlasic is an ideal tourist destination all year round , and the people of this mountain constantly make great efforts to give it's guests a memorable experience.

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